Lancaster 2072

10 In Memoriam

03/11/2013 Never Forget

After a lengthy planning session previously, the group decides to follow through and steal the articulated lorry heading for Trance nightclub. Napster quickly jacked a second car and a makeshift barricade was constructed.

Unbeknownst to the group, the lorry was accompanied by two black sedans filled with goons. After a speedy and effective ambush (in which Fanboy discovered the usefulness of grenades and the players discovered how stupid the chunky-salsa effect can really be), the lorry was theirs! A brief interrogation of the driver revealed he had no idea of the origins of the truck, and was oblivious to the fact the back was full of Novacoke.

En route to a previously acquired lock-up, the lorry was lifted with a giant magnet attached to a helicopter and taken to a huge militant gang complex. After being rescued by a dwarf janitor, they traded his help in escaping for an assassination of a gang member. It was then they realised that the were actually on a flying super-fortress, thousands of feet in the air. The gang in charge of the base was a Blackburn based French gang known as The Fortymimers, run by a powerful man called only Le Muet Bouffon.

After their new lorry was taken to be destroyed, the gang planned a secret coup to crash land the airship. Fanboy and Napster were caught in a brief encounter which they quickly put down, as Bronx disguised himself as a fellow mime and stalled the destruction of the van. The base went on high alert when a body was discovered, and Bronx blew up the hangar (destroying the lorry in the process). Napster and Fanboy discovered the bridge was crawling with troops, and instead decided to cut fuel supply lines to the engines.

Napster found a datajack in a miniature on-base library and went to work. As he entered the engineering node, he was set upon by a Black IC. Unfortunately and sadly, his hacking abilities were not enough to get him out of this sticky situation and his character was killed in action. Fanboy was too busy monitoring the corridor to see the situation turn sour for Napster, and by the time he noticed he was too late.

This entry and session are dedicated to Napster, who’s ineptitude (and the players inability to learn rules) will never create humour again. See you, space cowboy.


punish3ment punish3ment

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