Lancaster 2072

07 Face Time With the Missus

We’re joined by a temporary player for a couple of sessions who’s taken on the face role and helped us to capture Mrs. Fellini.


  • Remie the face turned up and needed work
  • We scouted out the restaurant and did lots of planning/legwork
  • I was disguised as a woman while we sat in the restaurant to get close to Maria
  • Maria was with some magical ork guy who flipped out when Remie tried to talk to them
  • I nabbed Maria in the bathroom, hauled her into the car
  • We stuck her in the warehouse and questioned her
    • Found out that ork is her brother
    • He has anger issues
    • He hired the Yakuza to kill her husband, Tony Fellini
      • We can infer that they tried to off us because they found out we were protecting him
  • Napster’s fly-spy found him heading back towards Lancaster
  • Questioning her further revealed that he’s probably heading back to the same Stuffer Shack we were attacked at in Morecambe, which his friend owns
  • We headed back to Hank’s bar and found we had a parcel. It contained Fellini’s severed finger.
    • Why are the Yakuza sending us pieces of him when they were hired to kill him?
      • Perhaps they’re trying to use this job to lure us in to settle an old grudge (Lead Run?)


punish3ment Morgan345

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