Lancaster 2072 is a Shadowrun (20th Anniversary Edition) campaign set in and around the players’ home town of Lancster.

Using real world blueprints in a dystopic futuristic setting, our campaign changes the local political, technological and environmental atmosphere to create a truely unique setting that we as locals can relate to easily.

The story follows two new runners, Fanboy and Napster as they shoot, hack and generally mess things up on their way to the top. Whilst we are not new to tabletop RPGs, we are all relatively new to the Shadowrun universe, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments then p-please respond..

Also we are currently looking for new, committed players of any experience level. We can aid in explaining rulesets or making characters if you are completely new. We try to meet as often as possible, usually every other Friday or Saturday night.

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Lancaster 2072

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