Trance Nightclub is a location in Old Lancaster, one of the most Northern parts of Merseysprawl.

Construction of Trance began in 2056 after the derelict buildings where Elements, Lost and Sugarhouse were once located were purchased by an unknown individual. The buildings were demolished and a much larger nightclub constructed in place. 10 storeys tall, the nightclub is one of the most visited locations in the wider area, often turning up thousands of patrons per night.

The first floor of Trance is four floors tall. The bar runs the perimeter of the most Northern and Eastern walls, offering a variety of drinks that are popular at the time, as well as some that many thought had long left circulation. The central floor is made of segmented panels that dimly glow white or black, and in the center of the ceiling hangs a low cage, with several women dancers inside.
The fifth floor is an old school Jazz bar, offering a stage with a piano, chello, guitar and drums and boasts an open mic night. The bar here serves more classical drinks such as Whiskey or Brandy, and is the only floor that allows indoor smoking.
The floor above is a lounge room, akin to a Victorian Opium den. Patrons are allowed to partake in semi-legal drugs that offer relaxing effects. There is no bar here.
The next four floors are off limits to the public, housing storage, security and a variety of other secret rooms unknown to the general populace. The top floor of the club is a penthouse, in which the criminal lord Content Not Found: lazarus resides. It is unknown as to whether or not he actually owns Trance.

Recently, it has come to light that Saeder-Krupp have been in talks to purchase Trance, giving them a much needed presence in the frontier-like area. Currently, however, these are quickly dispelled as rumours.


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