The Silts

The Silts is the colloquial name given to the shanty towns constructed on the now dried up riverbed of The Lune.

After the expansion of Heysham Power Complex caused it to envelope the majority of Heysham itself, pollution of the river became a concern. The Lune had become a drinking source for thousands of people (filtered, of course) and the wastage from the gargantuan plant would have a very serious and fast acting effect on the populace. In order to stay off the threat of pollution and keep the river relatively clean, the river was diverted West just after Halton Adventure Camp, its mouth now at Hest Bank.

For a couple of years the riverbed laid deserted, nobody could do anything on there because of the soft, wet soil. When construction was finalised and work was about to begin constructing a new residential community, a shanty town sprung up almost overnight. After several unsuccessful attempts to evict the vagrants, Lonestar launched an overnight urban invasion with the aim of simply muscling out the population. The resulting conflict would become known as The Riverside Riots of 2059. Due to their embarassing failure, Lonestar rarely operate inside The Silts, often ignoring calls to that area, and as a result, The Silts are a haven for drug users, sellers and manufacturers.

The Silts are split into three areas. The first, Riverside, is the remains of the old construction projects that led to the Riverside Riots. Buildings half constructed have been finished off with corrigated iron and salvaged scrap metal. The residents here are moderately wealthy compared to the rest of The Silts, often working low skill jobs such as janitorial work or administration.
The biggest neighbourhood is Greyhound Pass. Boasting a densely packed population of 3,300, Greyhound Pass is the shanty metropolis of the North. Towering shanty buildings litter the area, only remaining upright because they lean on their neighbour. Greyhound Pass suffers the worst from drugs, and is not only the poorest area in The Silts, but could easily contend for the poorest area in Merseysprawl.
The last neighbourhood is called The Marshlands. This is a small fishing community at the Old River Mouth. Due to the tidal effect of the sea, and the riverbed’s ease of flooding, the houses here are constructed on stilts. With only a few hundred residents, it is a tight-knit and friendly community. They are wary of outsiders, however, and have been since isolated cases of HMHVV began.

The Silts

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