Heysham Power Complex

Heysham Power Complex is a large nuclear power station in the Northern most reach of Merseysprawl.

After the expansion of Merseysprawl into what is Old Lancaster, Heysham Power Station was purchased by Ruhr Nuclear (a subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp) with the purpose of expanding it to power the entire North of Merseysprawl, as well as costal Ireland. Street by street, Ruhr Nuclear purches houses all over the village of Heysham until they owned the majority of the area. The houses were demolished, and several more reactors were constructed. Due to the catastrophic meltdowns at Dungeness, Sizewell B and Dounreay, the move was heavily protested by the ex-residents of Heysham. Construction continued regardless, despite several attempts from runners to halt production.

Construction finished in 2020 and the power station was fully operational by 2023. Since all nine of its reactors were turned on in the late 2030s, there has been no event to warrant any worry about the safety of the station.
Due to its sheer size, the employees live on the site of the complex, in several high-rising apartment buildings constructed towards the centre of the station. Any and all trade from Ireland goes through the complex and imports are heavily restricted by RN, often with heafty fines or imprisonment should any of their harsh regulations be broken.

The station has a heavy police presence at the complex, with advanced weaponry and counter-espionage systems established around every entrance and every node. A full team of highly-trained counter-hackers are on site at all times, and the area is effectively a tightly locked down military facility. Despite the strong anti-terrorism measures, both Rurh Nuclear and Saeder-Krupp deny any presence of weapon manufacturing, development or testing at Heysham Power Complex.

Heysham Power Complex

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