Lancaster 2072

00 The Van Run


01 The Lead Run

We look for work, work finds us and we head into the barrens to discover why all the cool kids are talking about the new drug on the street: Lead.

02 The Lead Run: Part Deux

Tied to chairs and with a nasty troll bearing over us, we set out to fix a run that got off to a bad start.

03 The Lead Run: The Third

After an intense firefight we finish the run with a little help from the Griff Mosier.

04 Some Downtime

I move home in a fit of paranoia, we buy some new toys with our hard earned nuyen and we deal with a first-time Johnson.

05 Stuffer Shack Sidetrack

The team gets a new addition in the form of an amnesiac magician and the Fellini Run gets totally sidetracked after another attack on a Stuffer Shack. They really should invest in private security.

06 Rumble in the 'Burbs

The magician gets a street name, Fellini goes missing, and Fanboy digs up a dead cat.

07 Face Time With the Missus

We’re joined by a temporary player for a couple of sessions who’s taken on the face role and helped us to capture Mrs. Fellini.

08 The Forgotten Logs Pt I

Forgot to enter log. Fellini escapes and players killed his wife. Karma for all

09 The Forgotten Logs Pt II

The group was tracked down by a Troll bounty hunter who took them to London under the premise of inconsistencies with tax payments. Hired by a group of skinheads to capture a bus with West Ham United players and replace them with the gangs own so they can throw a football match.

An Ork gang-leader called Snow White and her Seven Dwarves were pushing to do the same to the other team, Tottenham. Snow White killed all the Tottenham players first, so the gang was forced to play in their place.

They won the game 3-2 and returned to Lancaster.


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