Illegally distributed drug.
Grants +3 to defender on adjusted armour value pool but -2 on all perception checks.
Lasts 2d6 hours (shorter if Addict).
Must make a save [ ] to avoid addiction (Addict is exempt from this).
Negates wound modifiers.


PH-17 is an attempt at a medical painkiller from House Pharmaceuticals. Due to their strict rules on testing outlined in their production contract, they began distributing the drug as an illegal substance to monitor the side-effects in a real setting. They quickly discovered that the drug granted absolute pain relief, but had the worrying side effect of causing horrific hallucinations that sometimes lasted days. Being highly addicted, those that suffered these side effects (95%) would sometimes slip into comas or simply die of heart-attacks from what they had seen. A brief attempt to pull it out of circulation was a failure and the drug kept slipping through.

The painkiller is a translucent liquid inside a clear blue and clear gold capsule. The main distribution areas are The Silts and The Cloisters.


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