Ultimate in street painkiller


Illegally manufactured and distributed painkiller.
Grants +2 on defenders adjusted armour pool and negates wound modifiers.
Has the side effect of [HIDDEN] which requires a [HIDDEN] check to avoid.
Lasts 2d6 hours.


A direct competitor to PH-17, Lead is produced in a warehouse to the rear of Trance. Without the horrific hallucinations of PH-17, Lead has the potential to be come the most widely circulated painkiller in Merseysprawl. Despite only being a few weeks old, many distributors in The Silts have adopted Lead over PH-17, it is far cheaper to produce but allows them to sell it for more.

Produced by applying the liquid onto squares of paper, Lead is taken orally by placing the stamp on ones tongue, the effects kicking in after a few moments. A standard “bag” of Lead contains approx. 8-13 stamps.


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