Age: 30
Real Name: Richard Woods (dick jokes ahoy)
Aliases: Roger Moore (fake SIN), no running nickname yet :(

Ex-wife Lysa Woods-née-Blackwell. Married for 8 years. Son Thomas for 4 years of that time.

Richard lost his job (security guard at a Merseysprawl based plant that manufactured auto parts for the AAA German based Saeder-Krupp corp) which led to divorce as his marriage fell apart.

It’s now 6 months after the divorce and Richard has been unemployed for over a year and burned through his savings, sending money to his ex-wife to support his son. He’s had to move out of the heart of the sprawl and into Lancaster to be able to afford the living expenses. He’s living in an apartment by what used to be the canal, that Hank (his ex-brother-in-law and now-fixer) set him up with.

He was given his new runner name, Fanboy, by Napster on [[02 The Lead Run: Part Deux | The Lead Run]].

Episodes From the Past

The Razor Girl

Richard was involved in an incident just over 4 years ago at the manufacturing plant, at a time when his wife was heavily pregnant. A shadowrunning team broke in and stole a prototype part. Richard had just been put in charge of a security detail, and one of the men working under him was shot and killed by the team’s razor girl. Richard had his gun trained on her but she just smiled and shot the young security guard, then she ran.

After an assessment from corporate that cleared Richard of any disciplinary actions for not stopping the attack, he was assigned to a task force. In cooperation with Knight Errant, they were to track down the team that had broken in and if possible recover the prototype.

The investigation hit a dead end and when the ROI dropped low enough, S-K called off the hunt. But Richard felt responsible so he set off on his own investigation. In the evenings he would scour the matrix for news, hoping to find any sign of the team that killed his man.

He turned to the drink, at a time when Hank was recovering and finding a new place for himself in the world. After Hank’s accident and subsequent retirement from the world of private security, after the long and painful rehabilitation process, Hank was back working again. He’d gone self-employed, working as a fixer and learning the ropes from an old bar owner down in Merseysprawl.

That bar was where Richard spent many of his evenings, the guilt over letting one of his men get killed and the worry of his impending fatherhood hanging over him like a storm cloud. Hank couldn’t stand to see him like this. Before long he was working his new contacts, trying to find out anything he could from Richard’s descriptions and smuggled pieces of evidence.

Hank found her. When Richard heard the good news he started plotting. He used up his holiday time at work, booking the next week off. Before he left he managed to smuggle out a sidearm from the weapons locker. Richard was on his way to a fixer’s bar where he had a lead on someone who might know how to find her when Hank called him. He tried desparately to talk him out of it, to no avail.

Richard found the contact, a young cowboy who knew too much. Holding the stolen gun to his head in an alley behind the bar, the kid spilled the information Richard wanted: Where was the razor girl, “Millions”?

Richard had his hand on the door knob, ready to storm into the safehouse the kid had told him about. Then his link rang. It was Lysa and she was in labour.

Millions is probably still out there, moved on by now surely, but Hank might still have the means to find her again. Richard has never forgotten her face, or the hatred he feels for her, but letting it go helped him. He was there for his son’s birth, and that made everything better.


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