Crime lord and owner of Trance.


Race: Black Human Male
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 249lbs
Defining features: Tall and intimidating, wears shades all the time, bald and shaven, suited.


Lazarus is a name many criminals know, but only a handful have seen.

Any and all criminal activity in Old Lancaster goes through Lazarus’ organisation in one way or another. Years of planning and work are what elevated him to his position, and his history is shoruded in myth.
One story is that he was once married with two children; a boy and a girl. Slowly working his way up the criminal ladder, he had caught some unwanted attention from some powerful people. He came home to find that his family had been take hostage by four men, who told him to leave town that night or his family would be killed. He then pulled out a pistol, and shot his wife and children in the head before shooting three of the four hostage takers. He looked the other one in the eye and simply said “tell others what you saw here” before disappearing for a few days. Then men that ordered the attack were found beaten, bloody but not dead. Then their families were found dead, their house burnt down. And their friends families and houses were dead and burned down, and their friends families. Then, after weeks of this calculated retaliation, the men themselves were found dead, inside a Lone Star bathroom. Then as quickly as this had begun, he vanished again.

His name resurfaced after a new nightclub had sprung up in Old Lancaster, as if overnight. The multi-storey building was called Trance, and suddenly sightings of Lazarus began to crop up. People were seen constantly coming and going from the upper floors, strange boxes were seen being loaded into strange trucks. The abandoned building behind the club had been purchased by an anonymous individual and then a high fence constructed from the back door of Trance to the back door to this building.


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