Joey "Knuckles" Steele

Troll Gangster at Trance


Race: Troll
Height: 8’4"
Weight: 387kg
Hair: Bald and shaven
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Defining Features: Well spoken, wears a suit, wears spiked knuckle-dusters


Joey Steele goes by many nicknames, but his personal favourite is “Knuckles”.
When he was a boy, he fled from his family when his father became abusive after his younger brother began to under go Goblinization and change into a Troll. Shortly after his 13th birthday he too began to change, a fact that he welcomed at this point.

Once he fled, he was only 8 years old. He had nowhere to go, nothing to eat and the streets are a dangerous place for a child. Whilst sleeping under a bench, he was kidnapped by a street gang who originally planned to ransom him off to his parents. He was tortured to reveal the details about his father, but Joey never revealed any details about his family. Even when he was close to death and could no longer cry, he kept his silence. The gang leader respected this greatly, this 8 year old boy could stand more pain than some of his best men, and he was given a meal and a place to stay. He did odd-jobs for the gangers, acting as a courier of messages and drugs into the more police-heavy areas of the city. On his 13th birthday he began to change, and the gangers were becoming more wary of him. He regained their trust when he killed a shadowrunner who attempted to assassinate the gang leader, and the gangers began to welcome his newfound strength.
Once his transformation was complete, Joey began to conduct his revenge on the gangers that tortured and mutilated him when he was only a child. In the middle of the night he set their hideout on fire and stood by the door. He told them the only way to escape the building would be through him, and one by one he beat them to death with his own fists until only the gang leader remained. The leader simply smiled and walked back into the burning building. Once Joey turned around, triumphant in his revenge, the leader fired a shotgun into his back.
When he awoke, Joey was in a comfortable bed, his wounds healed. It was then he met his current employer, Lazarus. Lazarus told him that his stand at the burning hideout was slowly becoming a street legend, and he had room for men like him in his organisation. He was given a suit, a high paying security job and a pair of steel knuckle dusters, which he painfully grafted to his hands so they became an extension.

Working for Lazarus was as good a job as he had ever hoped for, but it came with it’s dangers. One evening, on December 24th, the Salvo Runners attacked Lazarus’ compound in an assassination attempt. He killed one and captured another, a troll like him. He took great pride in torturing the Troll, doing so under no orders and seeking no information.

Joey "Knuckles" Steele

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