Griff Mosier

Old-School Runner


Race: Human
Height: 6’
Weight: 175lbs
Hair: Short and black
Eyes: Brown
Defining Features: Eye-patch, cyber-arm, dresses like an Old-West Sheriff


Everybody knows the name Griff Mosier.

The famous Griff Mosier, head of the Salvo Runners. Made famous in both documentary and fictional Trids, he is a household name.
Griff became a runner before the term “runner” was a thing. Motivated by the injustice of the relatively new mega-corporations, he set out to deliver his own brand of justice. Considered by many new runners as a folk hero, he boasts hundreds of successful runs.

His past, however, is shrouded in mystery. Rumours and stories range from the bizzare to the downright impossible. For example, one story was that he gained his cyber-arm when his original extremity became posessed by the ghost of a troll he had just killed and he was forced to cut it off. Using only his right hand, he constructed an entirely new appendage and attached it himself surgically. Outrageous, right? It gets better; another story is that he lost his eye in a fist fight with a dwarf. They were trading blows and getting nowhere, so as a form of intimidation Griff ripped out his own eyeball and ate it. Crazy stuff.

His weapons skills are that of legend. He hardly ever misses a shot and he hits with deadly precision. He remains cool and collected in combat, often removing himself from cover to take aim at a target, despite bullets flying over head. His weapon of choice, however, is his old fashioned Bowie Knife that has been handed down his family line for generations. This knife is his pen, and a go-go-go’s body? Well, that’s just his paper.

After a botched run, however, the Salvo Runners disappeared. Griff was the first to leave. His last words to the team were, “Don’t look for me in heaven and don’t look for me in hell. If they come, they’ll be takin’ me alive”. His current location is unknown. Rumour has it that he’s a drifter, moving from sprawl to sprawl in anonymity. A few reported sightings occur once in a while, but they are never met with any absolute evidence.

Griff Mosier

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