Frank Linn

Burly Elf Whoremongerer


Race: Elf
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 80kg
Hair: Black mid-length, lengthy stubble beard
Eyes: Green
Defining Features: Scar across the bridge of his nose, bulging bug-like eyes, stained teeth (some missing), muscular


Frank Linn is an Elf who resides in the Greyhound Pass district of The Silts.

Frank Linn was born to a fairly wealthy family. Despite being an elf, he recieved an expensive private education amongst human children. The bullying and ridicule he recieved (dandelion eater, treehugger, etc.) made him grow to resent humans, and he began to fall in with a street gang. Whilst he was at school a larger boy pinned him down and tried to force feed him a flower, leading to a fight in which Frank threw the boys head against a wall, killing him. It’s unknown whether or not Frank intentionally killed the boy or not, but it resulted in the school taking a strict human-only stance from then on. Frank took cover with his street gang, never seeing his family again and changing his birth name to his current name.

For years Frank rose through the ranks of this street gang. In a powergrab, he tried to kill the gangboss and make it look like an accident, but was caught in the act. Once again he fled, taking up residence in The Silts. There, he earned what little Nuyen he could find by selling any drugs he could get his hands on. When he was approached by an anonymous Johnson to begin selling PH-17, he jumped at the oppertunity. Using the addictive qualities of the drug, he forced women to become indebted to him and pay off whatever they owed by becoming a prostitute under his new “business”. He constructed the largest tower in The Silts, known by the locals as “Frank’s Place” and others as “that lighthouse-looking-thing”.

Frank Linn

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